Reducing Online Cart Abandonment Through Conversational Messaging

Did you know something as simple as omnichannel messaging or text marketing can make a huge difference in your cart abandonment rate? If you’re an e-commerce business owner, the following article outlines how conversational messaging made possible with brands like Mitto can enhance the customer journey, leading to fewer abandoned carts and more conversions.

The Challenges of E-Commerce Stores

Owning an e-commerce store isn’t nearly as hassle-free as course creators and “gurus” make it out to be. First, it takes hours of researching just the bare essentials your company name, your logo, your target market and then there are dozens of hours dedicated to finding just one winning product, let alone several.

Suppose you’re one of the lucky ones. In that case, you made it to the stage of actually getting customers to your store. Now you must gather data and analyze how customers interact with the store and the psychological effects your store’s layout has on them. If done correctly, all of the steps and measures will lead to customers adding items to their carts, and you’ve got sales … until you deal with the dreaded cart abandonment.

The Lack of Human-to-Human Connection

When it comes to an e-commerce purchase, a customer’s steps toward a conversion are strategically mapped out in the perfect order, one misstep and the entire journey could be sabotaged.

During an in-person sale, you can take a customer by the hand and walk them into a conversion. However, with e-commerce, there can be problems due to digital detachment and the need or desire for human-to-human connection, whereas in-person, face-to-face interaction makes it possible to get the client to the finish line.

Take Them by the Hand With Conversational Messaging

Thanks to platforms like Mitto, businesses can fill the void left by online shopping’s lack of face-to-face interaction. With text marketing and omnichannel messaging, it’s possible to establish a personal rapport and interact with customers when their buying potential is at its highest.

If you can openly communicate with a potential buyer during the exact moments when they’d typically click off the page and abandon their shopping carts, you’ve got a shot at closing the sale. There are several ways text marketing can help cut down on cart abandonment.

Send Automatic Checkout Reminders Using Text Marketing

Sending automated texts to remind customers to check out can be highly effective for closing the sale. Get creative and send them a list of the items they left behind.

Use a Live Chat Feature To Address Immediate Questions or Concerns

One of the best omnichannel messaging solutions is chatting in real-time with a customer as they prepare to finalize their purchase.

Utilize SMS Campaigns To Offer Guest Checkouts                

The whole member experience is excellent, but only some people want to register to complete the checkout process. This causes plenty of abandoned cart issues. Sending customers a checkout link via text marketing makes the process easy, giving them a gentle nudge in the buying process.

Use Mitto To Optimize Your SMS Campaigns

The next time you’re running data and making changes to your marketing efforts, use a platform like Mitto as your all-in-one omnichannel messaging solution. Mitto provides all the tools you need to communicate with customers in real time, giving you a modern way to market without being intrusive or overwhelming. Give your conversion rates the boost they need with Mitto.